here is Tomillo,  we rescued him from a really terrible situation,  he was in an abandoned house, With no light, no Food and not even place to turn around. 
We rescued him With a lot of help from the police,  so we appear at the newspaper,  when we bring him home we called the vet, took him a long time to check him. 
He was in a very Bad conditions, he was totally abandoned, he work a lot With him, now he is not scared any more and he knows what is Love.


she is Lola, we rescued her from the killing station, Just one Day Before they were Gonna killed her.
There's a big problem here in Spain With the vietnamits pigs,  they abandoned them all around the country after they get big.
Lola its now safe, and she can feel it, she is now so sweet With us, she loves the sun and the watermelon. 


This beautifull girl is Jess, one of the hardest stories of our sanctuary. when we rescued her she was about to die, she was tied under the sun, With no water no Food and no shadow and in really Bad conditions. 
She finally fall down, hurt her self and we were so scared to loos her, but the vet save her, she is really strong. 
Now she is happy,  she has Food, Love, shadow, water an all the simple thing that she never had Before. 
We Love her so much. 


Here is Atreyu,  he was With Jess,  in the same conditions,  but donkeys are stronger than horses so he didnt fall down as Jess, anyway he was extremly skinny. 
Now he is here With us, he knows what freedom and Love it is.
You can tell on his face what he had to live and that its so sad.


she was Menta, we tryed sooo hard With her, but she didnt make it, we rescued her from a scary place, you Will see some pictures later,  she was living With an old lady Who doesnt have money or Food or electricity or water,  they bought need help, so we tell the story on Facebook and a lot of People bring us Food and water for her also dress and blankets,  we are extremly happy and thankfull about that. 
Menta came With us and we were so Lucky to have her for one month and that make us feel better,  as we know that she finally recieved Love and all the things that she never had Before. 
We Love her,  we Wash her, we hug her and that was a present. 


this small beauty its called ,  little missSunshine,  we rescued her from a Petshop,  they were Gonna killed her as she had a broken leg, but we were faster.
We bring her to the vet and they told us that she can live Just like that,  so  she its able to run everywere With her different leg, and she its so.happy, she knows now how the sun feels and she Loves it.


this crazzy little guy is Morocho, 
the police called us because they found him in the forest,  we went to rescued him, and he was so young and happy to came With us.
He Loves to ear everything!!


Uva, our little pony.
they called us, because some People saw in an abandoned house something that Looks like a pony, but she was totally hide. 
when we went there the place was dirty and.She didnt had Food or water, so sad.
the owner burned alive the other horse that he had. heartbreaking.