Who are we?

Hello, I would like to introduce our sanctuary to all of you.  We are a family placed in Spain, we started this a few years ago by rescuing dogs that were abandoned an  giving them foster home till we find them a forever home.  Only 3 months ago we started saving any animal that was in need of our help. (Donkeys, rabbits, pigs, chickens, a sheep and others)

We feel so lucky as some people in the USA believed in us, and wanted to help us and our proyect.  Finally we started the sanctuary,  and we are extremly happy to say that we had rescued alot of animals since that moment. 

We don't have a huge amount of space as we only got a small land, but we hope to be able to expand it soon,  like that it will be possible for us to help more and more animals. 


Sadly here in Spain is not a law to protect the animals so its really horrible the conditions in what we found some of them,  we will share some of the stories soon that will touch your heart. 

We are just a family with a modest income so all the help that we can get its so important for us, everything about rescue its so expensive, and we spend all our time and money making a nice place in our land for all the animals.

I hope you enjoy our Dream as we do, its all about Love and respect for animals. 

Thanks for your time from Kukura